Lia Forslund

Prototypa: Milan

First out was a conversation with Kristofer Hansén, Chief Designer at Scania, discussing how the latest series of trucks were prototyped, a process that took over ten years to complete. This followed by a Wednesday morning with Sara Sjöbäck and Tina Eklund, Alumni students at Beckman’s School of Design covering how material can inform both expressive and sound design.

Thursday, offered a dialogue between Helena Toresson and Jonas Edblad from Wingårdh architects on the significance of consensus, prototyping with context at core. And last but not least, a Friday morning with designer Clara von Zweigbergk, who generously shared her poetic prototyping methods, using carefully selected paper, hand folding and tape.

‘New technologies and old crafts are simultaneously characterising design today,’ says Jonas Pettersson CEO of Form Us With Love, ‘this series is providing a context for prototypes as means of exchange—an articulation of where we believe design is heading.’