Lia Forslund

London Design Week: Communicating the Intangible

‘...The air around him is not invisible. The waterways are not falling like they should. He disregards the disrupted nature and continues the release of his clicking pheromones to entice others into his empty glass hive. He is typing short and fast, attracting mates from a distance, seeking a rapid response, if only quickly degraded. He signals again—and again.

Finally the followers are coming. The messages conveyed are transformed outside of his body but the transmission of likes hits his nervous system in sweet rushes. He transmits yet another trail but it seems like his messages defuses faster than he can produce them. Something is not right.

Around the tower the plants gather for a conference in the air. Thick leafs are ranting and branches whisper their remorse. The engagement on the screens has come to a halt. A threshold of components is detected in the tower and the signal is weakening. The CEO is dead.

It does not take long before wind simmers through the windows and fills the glass room with wailing, a swelling of distress. The man stops messaging and encounters, as a receptor he is sensing—anticipating new command.

The sound of the plants helps him remember old directions, a path he was once taught—a place in an old tree where they use to eat, drink and fall asleep to the sound of crickets, he recalls. Its dark, but the scents help him find his way without light. He continues across the land and stops only when the sky is covered in stars and the air is so clear, no one will ever see it.‘

Work in collaboration with Premium Fantasy