Lia Forslund


An ongoing series of exhibitions, consisting of a series of visuals, animation, music, illustration and critical writing, Hyperstore visually simulate fragments of online corporations. Leading the viewer through the slick online interface, an inside is unveiled, shedding light on the ‘everything stores’ where a workforce of pickers and packers are the only witnesses to events going on behind the anonymity of the intangible digital shop front.

Brought together in 2014 while taking part in the interdisciplinary Book Test Unit at the Royal College of Art, Hyperstore are: Stine Deja, Lia Forslund, Roxanne Gatt, Robert Hetherington, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Charlotte-Maëva Perret, Charles Rickleton, Kevin Smeeing, Franciszek Wardynski and Xueling Wang.

‘This performance/installation will be a comment on the mysterious processes of e-commerce. Hyperstore promises to combine the glossy structure of an online store with the murky and chaotic systems of warehouses to make surprising connections between objects and experiences that we might encounter on the traditional high street.’—David Blamey, artist and professor at the RCA explains.