Lia Forslund

+Halle: For Now

The aesthetic aim for this oak leg wrapped set, is to retain a tactile moment, as oppose to overlook one. Today, spaces in which we wait are vast and often filled with a visual vocabulary of nothingness. The For Now collection seeks to change that—often deliberately hostile—landscape into a something essential.

Famous for interpreting situations, Liljenberg Hallstrøm masterly uses her designs as a resource to alter contexts, resulting in an immediate physical generosity added to previously detached environments.

‘The For Now collection brings an interesting situational sensitivity, underpinning the renewal of emotional functionality in the public realm,’ says Martin Halle, Nordic Sales Director at + Halle.

Hallström’s use of +Halle’s skills are perceptible. The regional Oak and gentle curved fabrics and are crafted to perfection, allowing for the upholstery lines to be felt, this to celebrate the impulse to touch and feel the furniture that you are surrounded by.

‘I wanted to transforms the most dreaded times of absolute stand still to moments worth seizing hold of, obtaining human ownership of that public emptiness,’ Chris Liljenberg Hallstrøm concludes.