Form Us With Love: Champagne Exhibition

The grid presents a distinct overview of the content on display, in order for both experts and amateur enthusiasts, to always have an array of opportunity to learn about Champagne. Pictured as a lit curatorial landscape, you can comfortably enjoy editorial stories by jumping between scientific and cultural anecdotes.

‘In theory, our mission was to convey a patterned knowledge exchange, both detailed and obscure in its fashion; On the one hand, you read about the effect of chalk on a southern facing hill in Champagne and the other, you learn about the cultural signifiers of pouring champagne on the ground. It is this clash that we have based this grid upon,” says Löfgren.

The rectangular architecture of the museum space is utilised and emphasised through the spectrum of folded walls with a grid of plinths placed in between them—mimicking a back and forth movement—of producing great champagne and stereotypical subcultural provocations.

“The most difficult challenge was to create a mental overview of the vast amount of content, in order for you to individually decide how to experience the exhibition in a non-linear way. VR technology is new, but we specifically used it here, to get a feel for the distances and measuring how overwhelming or comprehensible the architecture becomes from certain angels, its all about the relation, sizes and recognition,” Löfgren adds.

The architecture allows for clarity and a well thought through flow, providing space for in-depth reading, even when the exhibition hall is full. To split the curation into a multidimensional grid gives the audience the opportunity to learn about champagne in a serendipitous yet structured way.

“Its sometimes more effective to paint with a smaller paint brush, as we say in Swedish when we want to achieve a certain subtlety. Even though we used both renders and VR, the neutral effect of the timber and the pendant lights is something that you will never realise until you see it in full size,” Löfgren concludes.

In 2015, Form Us With Love designed Spritmuseum’s successful Beer exhibition. This year, Spritmuseum celebrates 50 years, collaborating with Form Us With Love on Champagne, yet another well-received museum experience.